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Dutch artist Parra is known throughout the world for his surrealistic take on pop art. Bright vibrant colors bold lettering and bizarre characters make up the core of Parra's unique aesthetic. These creations are brought into the world of fashion by Parra's clothing imprint By Parra.


Created by former Art Director of Stussy, Adam Weìssman, and artist Noah Butkus, Real Bad Man was originally created when the two were making bootleg band merchandise for bands that didn't have any. With an off-beat outlook on life, Real Bad Man intertwines unique genres and visuals from music and design.


Metalwood Studio is an ode to golf in the ‘90s and some of the early 2000s–the technology boom is just starting to happen. The pros of yesteryear are trading in their persimmon woods and balata balls for something a little faster and more aggressive. They’ve exchanged flares and 4-button placket polos with the baggiest, frumpiest shit they could find; long before the yoga-but-make-it-golf clothes of today.

Metalwood aims to preserve this iconic look and feeling by offering a shoppable experience. We look to engage with our visitors by creating a nostalgic wormhole via a collection that includes vintage-inspired clothing, accessories and golf equipment.


Homeware can be boring, right? doesn't have to be. Check out our selection to make your home a very special place.


Books, zines, magazines and things along those lines. Browse our very special collection from the finest publishers: Innen, Nieves, Sneeze, Stickit, Lodown and much more.

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  1. A Very Special Playlist Vol.13

    A Very Special Playlist Vol.13 is available for your listening pleasure now. Check it out by clicking here.  

    Domestik's D-008 collection titles EXOTIC / UNEXOTIC is here. Originated from the actual meaning of the word 'exotic' and 'unexotic'—when referring...
  3. A Very Special Raffle

    A Pear Lamp €285,00Piet Parra and Case Studyo present ‘A Pear Lamp’, a limited edition sculpture lamp, the latest addition to Parra’s Pop Fruit ser...