Very Special



Dutch artist Parra is known throughout the world for his surrealistic take on pop art. Bright vibrant colors bold lettering and bizarre characters make up the core of Parra's unique aesthetic. These creations are brought into the world of fashion by Parra's clothing imprint By Parra.


Powers Supply is a graphics-led streetwear brand led by Eric Elms. Powers Supply's minimalistic base allows their imagery and logo work to shine on their garments. Above all else the peculiar and diverse creative process of Elms – from design to painting and even candlestick making – is what drives the brand forward.


Real Bad Man is a Los Angeles-based consortium of creatives standing at the forefront of disruptive counter-culture subculture reflecting unique sensibilities that channel…..AH F**K IT.


Brain Dead is a creative collective of artists and designers from around the world. With its disruptive graphic-led approach the brand takes its cues from post punk underground comics skateboarding and the spirit of subculture as a whole. Brain Dead is not one person nor is it one idea. It sits in the space between people.


Sci Fi Fantasy is the brainchild of Jerry Hsu. His clothing line is full of imagery celebrating a past where our gaze was firmly fixed on the future. Hsu’s clothing company evolved from an idea into something tangible three years ago, an Instagram born experiment which gathered phenomenal interest.


Beginning roughly 100 years after Carhartt began making bibs in the USA, Carhartt WIP started modifying these classic products to serve a European audience. To this day, Carhartt WIP adapts iconic Carhartt gear for those seeking refined design and style that remains true to the origins of the brand.


Down by the river, Ancient crumbley lost civilization, Green seeds, 70's logotypes, Early 80's Comics (Dr. Strange, Master of Kung Fu, Green Lantern etc), Gasface reincarnated (currently 9th time), Mid-late 90′s Skate, Think Skateboards (when Mike Giant did it), MadCircle (when Twist did it) Space cakes, Early Disney (before it became McDisbucks) Early 80's Lotus Esprit, Raygunomics, Operation Doomsday, Yardbirds, BluePort, Barnesy, TCA, Mushrooms, LSD, Rave (first time round) then Jungle then Drum n Bass, Hand painted tees, Skinny outlines, when drips were bad, Pumpkins, GaSix, Kidney play pressure, Homeboy magazine, Egs, 80's Lambo Countach.


Founded by artists Floor van het Nederend and Eduard de Leau born out of their shared passion for climbing. All products are produced with sustainability in mind, for instance by using certified organic cotton T-shirts and sweatshirts. Time to climb!


HERESY is a brand that produces seasonal clothing collections influenced by the research and exploration of Folklore. As well as clothing they make handmade art objects, produce events, program music projects, and print small-press publications.


Exploring the outer reaches of the universe, one t-shirt at a time, Los Angeles based PRMTVO (pri-mi-tivo) inject a skate-inspired, DIY design ethos with trippy, psychedelic influences and an experimental attitude. 


Mister Green is a lifestyle brand and retailer that distinguishes itself through a minimalist design sensibility and dedication to a new cultural perspective evolving within the deeply rooted and multifaceted culture of cannabis. For high minded people.


Nike ACG (All Conditions Gear) is a subsidiary line of Nike that produces innovative athletic apparel and sports gear for all climates. Debuting in 1989, Nike ACG widened their scope of outdoors-oriented sneakers that was true to its name.


DOMESTIK is the brainchild of Indonesian artist Ryan Ady Putra that was first established in late 2016 as a passion project for his fascination with the unspoken narrative of Indonesian history and continues to be his platform to spark conversations for the voiceless artifacts rooted back in ancient time. 


Operative since 2015, the Safe Trip organisation spreads its message through the medium of music and merchandise. The founder, Young Marco, directs a growing network of agents recruited from the Dutch underground. The magical musical misadventures of its’ agents makes up the majority of the organization’s colourful and mind-altering output, alongside compilations of obscure and inspired material.


Uxe Mentale was founded by Argentinian based graphic designer/artist, Gustavo Eandi and NYC/LA based agency, Lite Year, in 2019. Gusatvo Eandi uses the moniker, "Uxe Mentale", for personal creative projects and exhibitions and naturally the brand is an extension of those pursuits.


Tropic Best is an incense brand with a wide variety of custom and classic scents to make any space smell like a hundred dollars. All sticks are made in the USA from a base of sandal, agar, and bamboo woods.