• This Bird Know Rabit - EYƎ
  • This Bird Know Rabit - EYƎ
  • This Bird Know Rabit - EYƎ
  • This Bird Know Rabit - EYƎ


This Bird Know Rabit - EYƎ

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This Bird Know Rabit

16 Pages
19.5 x 25.5 cm
Color Offset
First Edition 2019
ISBN 978-3-907179-11-6


EYƎ is a Japanese vocalist and visual artist, best known as co-founder of the influential rock music band Boredoms and Naked City. He has changed his stage name several times, from Yamatsuka Eye, to Yamantaka Eye, to Yamataka Eye and now simply calls himself EYƎ.

EYƎ is a member of the bands Hanatarash, UFO or Die, Puzzle Punks, Noise Ramones and Destroy 2. He is notorious for his vast, confusing discography and countless guest appearances. Notable collaborations include his work with Nam June Paik, Sonic Youth, Yamamoto Seiichi & Yamazaki Maso, Bill Laswell's Praxis and John Zorn's groups Naked City and Painkiller.

As well as his music, EYƎ is famous for his mixed-media style of art that utilises airbrush, marker pen and collage, amongst other materials. His artworks have adorned a number of records, including the majority of Boredom’s releases and, perhaps more famously, Beck's Midnite Vultures. Drawing as much from Japanese mythology as from his musical influences, his work aims to complement the music as well as to provide another dimension to the sound.